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This is perhaps quite an odd blog post.

At the moment of writing this I’ve just come off the back of finishing a really incredible book – you know those books you read that just take you completely out of your own mind and into a world that is so far removed from yours, but somehow it feels like yours anyway? There’s books I’ve read so far over my life that mark little passages in time for me, like I can remember what was happening in my life at that point in time because of how I felt when reading that book. I’ve got a book that takes me straight back to my primary school days – the first book I ever really loved and would read over and over to this day. A book that I read as my dad drove away from my mum and us at our St. Leonards home – the beginning of a divorce but not the ending of a family. There’s a book for my first kiss, my first shared house, but funnily enough there’s not a book for my first (and only) love Andrew, because I was always too caught up in seeing him to even look at a book.

It’s not always good memories and it’s not always bad memories but they’re always so vivid and maybe you can compare it to a certain smell that hits your nose and takes you back to a person, place or moment. On the morning of Monday the 12th of March 2018 I’ll remember the overcast sky and how eerily quiet the city was for a Monday morning – the sound of people sleeping in on a long weekend. I’ll remember how freezing cold my bare feet and hands were but how happy this made me – all the good books I’ve ever read have left me cold, with no time to pause for even a sock. I’ll remember the stress I felt from the terrible sleep and odd nightmares had before that morning, and how reading that book quite literally pulled that stress slowly out of me like tugging on a piece of string. I’ll remember quietly crying into the last few chapters of ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak and thinking how lucky to have finished it on a morning with no one around, no one to step in it, just the cold air and that anticipation you get when you near the end of an incredible read. What a perfect moment.

I guess the point of writing all the above is because after that experience I went inside to my office and went on to finish my edit of Bryan + Som’s wedding. I felt so relaxed, so happy and so content. I don’t think telling a good story is ever easy and it’s even harder to have it mean something to someone. You can’t predict what will resonate with a person, you just have to be honest and hope in that point of time your story is what that person needs to see, read or hear. Storytelling might be the best job in the world, and although video editing is not putting pen to paper it is storytelling, and I can honestly say nothing makes me happier than reading a good book and telling a story of two people who fell in love, got married, and had quite a life in between.

Enjoy the film,

x Grace


If yourself or your family’s first language isn’t english that shouldn’t deter you from giving a speech, or worry you about how to work it into your day and film. This is the first film where we’ve worked with a second language that is completely foreign to Andrew & I, which kind of excited us to be honest! Som was just as excited as we were to have her mothers speech left as it was in Thai and to our delight the process of translating this was quite easy. Som translated the speech for us so we could go in and pick out the pieces that fit the film the best – and the rest is history. So if you’ve got a few different languages cruising around at your wedding theres no reason why they can’t still be included in the film Xx

Photo by Kas Richards

Location // Stones of the Yarra Valley
Photographer // Kas Richards
Gown // Brides of Armadale
Hair // Hair by Amanda Audrey
Makeup // Makeup by HN
Florals // Poppy Culture

March 26, 2018

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