Carly + Darren

Darren & Carly.

The Real D Whiz & Doc.

Quiet Tall Guy &  Orange Looking Short Girl.

And to us – Grand Gesture Dude & Always Caught Off Guard Chick.

Yes Darren has a knack for surprising Carly, and Carly has a knack for having no idea of what Darren is con-cocking until the blindfold has dropped, the door has opened, the plane has landed (well, you get the idea). Two big personalities, two epic families, plenty of Jewish traditions, utter madness on the dance floor and a wedding we’ll never forget.

We first got to know Carly + Darren at a comedy gig in Melbourne – we took them to see Michael Shafer’s ‘Jewish-ish’ show. We talked wedding, we drank and we inappropriately laughed at some Jewish humour. Fast forward to December 2017 and we’re watching Carly surprise Darren with a belly dancer at their wedding (oh my how the tables have turned), followed by Darren surprising Carly with fireworks (so much room for activities!). Truth be told we’re a little overwhelmed by how incredible these two are and it actually makes it hard for us to put into words what this day meant for us to be apart of. Fortunate for us we’ve been able to shove all those feelings into Carly + Darren’s film, which is less of a documentary of their wedding day and more of a story of their lives, from their first meeting in Israel to smashing a glass and yelling mazel tov in the Gold Coast on the 10th December 2017.

At the end of the day we’re super happy to not call Carly + Darren clients but rather now just good friends – thanks for the memories guys, and enjoy the mayhem folks Xx


What do you do when the groom suggests that the first time they watch their wedding film be with you? You loose your mind with excitement, start jumping up and down, stock up on the wine & say ‘hells YES’.

Excuse the iPhone quality photos but we couldn’t not share up the happy times!


Darren true to form flew into Melbourne to surprise Carly on the milestone of submitting her PhD. He also put her in a car and drove her to an unknown location (it might have been our place) and surprised her with their wedding film screening, complete with the three nerds who put it together (hells yeah). Again there’s no words to explain what it felt like to be with Carly and Darren as they watched their film for the first time. Seeing their reaction is something we’ll never forget, it was such an incredible moment and we can’t believe we got to be apart of it.

What’s more incredible than that you may ask? Well for the past few weeks these two have been having mini screenings of their film with all their friends and family, sending us constant videos of everyones reaction (Darren even made up cinema tickets and popcorn for a screening – how epic is that!?) Sharing the love around is the very point of these films, so for us we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the post-wedding glory.

A cheeky thank you to Darren who’s excitement on the creation of this film was on par with our own as he secretly arranged for it to be finished in time for Carly’s PhD submission. It was so fun to constantly debrief with you throughout the editing, I felt like I had a little partner in crime who when asked to supply photos and proposal footage was all too keen to be involved and shoot me through extra bits and pieces at any time of day. It was such a cool experience to have you & Carly so personally invested – once again thanks for the epic memories!

Grace + Andrew

Photographer // Chloe May Photographer
Stylist & Planner // Event Stylist and Co
Location // Gold Coast Farmhouse
Band // Hanlon Brothers
Bridal Gown // Cristahlea
Tipis // Gold Coast Tipis
Florals // Florals & Co.
Caravan Bar // My Vintage Lane
Catering // The Vintage Pickle
Make Up // SallyR Makeup Artist
Event Hire // The One Day House

June 3, 2018

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