Amy + Luke

We were recently lucky enough to cross the waters over to Malta for Amy + Luke’s day. Where the heck is Malta you may ask? If you pull up a map you’ll see a tiny spec beneath Italy – and this tiny pinprick sized land mass is the island of Malta (just keep zooming in, you’ll eventually see it). While it’s a small island it’s also one of the most amazing places on the planet, and this is where Luke’s father is from. Coincidentally this is where my father’s side of the family hails from too, so experiencing it for the first time with Andrew was already grounds for a fairly incredible trip.

Amy + Luke locked us down for photos and film (stay tuned for the film next week) and we’re so over the moon that they did, because it was an absolute blast exploring such a wild place with two amazing people like them. We can vouch for the fact that these two really are amazing because despite Luke becoming seriously ill a day out from the wedding, a cancelled ferry transportation for guests and an afterparty venue pulling out at the last minute, these two still managed to pull it together for the day (and Luke rose from his illness like a Phoenix from the ashes – we were well impressed). There were so many beautifully random moments that made this wedding what it was – spontaneous dancing outside the church, little old Maltese people and tourists alike cheering and clapping at every single location we drove to, and cannon blasts firing off throughout the reception (to name a few). Surprises for us on the day was seeing Luke roll up to the church in a freakin’ Ferrari (what!? Yes!) and getting to the reception venue to find that we were both not only seated with friends and family of Luke + Amy but we also had our own epic little place cards (thanks guys)! This day was what it was because of the relaxed and easy nature of Amy + Luke which similarly put us at ease and made this whole experience one we’ll never forget.

Check out our seperate day of shooting in Valletta below then roll on in to the wedding photos folks Xx


Dress // Oglia Loro Couture
Hair + Makeup // Georgia Ramman
Suit // Calibre & Politix
Ceremony Venue // St. George Parish Church, Qormi
Reception Venue // Scoglitti Restaurant
Flowers + Cake // By friends and family of the Bride & Groom

November 16, 2017

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