Tahlia + Damon Joel’s Backyard Festival

So this is unlike any wedding we’ve ever shot before let alone been to or heard of – it’s completely unique just like Tahlia + DJ. You may have read our last blog post about these two when we released their photos (flick back two pages for that one), so we won’t give you a repeat rundown on the wedding but rather just let you see and feel it for yourselves via the footage, vows and music.

About The Film //
We went into the creation of this film with a goal to make it as stripped back and candid as possible – to let the rawest of the footage shine through and give the majority of screen time over to those realtime moments. We really wanted people to hear the mountains of music played throughout day by so many wonderful artists, but more than that we wanted to show what it felt like at that moment, to hear that music and to see that action unfold in that exact moment during that exact beat of that exact song, because to us that’s the only way we can translate what the atmosphere at this wedding felt like – by showing you the bare bones of it. 
Holding nothing back on the day, Tahlia + DJ were kind enough to share the ‘bare bones’ versions of themselves too, and if you make it to the last shot of this film you’ll understand what that means. We’re so excited to finally be releasing this film into the wild, so crank the sound, black out the room, and be prepared to fall in love with a couple of strangers.

Xx Grace + Andrew

We tried our hand at some photography for the first time at Tahlia + DJ’s wedding too – have a flick through some more of their moments below.

A big thank you goes out from us to Tahlia + DJ for not only allowing us to film their day but for allowing myself to photograph it. A wedding is no small thing, it only happens once and the memories you create are some of the most significant. So a big heartfelt thank you for putting your trust in me and taking a chance on a first time wedding photographer – I couldn’t be more happier to be able to say the first wedding I shot was yours!
Grace Xx

Sahara Beck
Busby Marou
Good Oak
Harry Hookey
Small Town Alien
Big Kitty
Tim Sladden
Matthew Graham
Dave Dow
Nathan Davis
DIY by the bride herself
Susan Gillingham
Maria Lucia Hohan
The Babushka Ballerina, Fortitude Valley
Michelle Michaelson
Chantelle Syme
Belinda Wilton
Pizza by Flour + Water
Caravan by Meet Gertrude
Bride’s family home, Wodonga NSW

August 21, 2017