We are Andrew & Grace - guy who films things and girl who edits the things that are filmed.
We put every tiny molecule of our tiny selves into each film. We don't cut more than one film a week because we like to get really attached to every creation we turn out - it's a whole exciting process for us. We film, we edit, we take our time, breath it all in, drink the coffee, build the story, give it our all and even celebrate post-film with a premiere night which goes a little something like this:
Blacked-out-light-tight office // Check
Glass of red // Check
Sound absolutely cranked // Check
Watched film over ten times in a row and finished off a second *cough* third glass // Check... check, check.

That's a bit about us, so feel free to contact us with a bit about you.

Finley NSW Boy disguised as a Melbournian
adventure seeker
size five shoe-wearer
a very talented Cinematographer


Apart from his first 'Hello' and his last 'Goodbye', you can expect a few lame dad jokes and a constant cheesy grin from Andrew. Andrew's filming has a very natural style to it. He enjoys standing back and capturing what happens organically rather than directing you around on the day (he likes to leave this up to your wonderful photographer). He aims to create a fun and relaxed environment, and you often won't even realise he's there. You won't spot any fancy big equipment - just Andrew, his camera, and his keen eye for composing a unique and beautiful shot. 

GRACE is a
Bellarine Peninsula Girl disguised as a Melbournian
guitar strummer
vinyl lover
a very talented Film Editor

Grace is the behind the scenes magic of Bottlebrush Films. Her editing is all about piecing together the footage that best reflects your personality. She has a tendency to lean towards using the unmanufactured moments that occur on your day, so you won't end up with an overly cinematic short film of two strangers, but a raw documentary with real moments and real people. She's extremely talented when it comes to selecting shots from hours of footage, and strives to include the pieces that she can see will mean a lot to a couple. 

Chapter One: 2010
A guy is getting ready to travel to Spain to teach English. Amazing right?! Who's giving that opportunity up?

Chapter Two: Still 2010...
The guy gives up the opportunity to travel to Spain. He decides to stay in Melbourne and give his sneaky passion of Media and Film one last crack.

Chapter Three: 2011
Some guy meets some girl at RMIT University. Whilst both are studying Screen & Media the guy attempts to charm the girl with flowers, beautiful dates and romantic notions (*correction, he plies her with alcohol and they share a drunken smooch at a karaoke bar, it was beautiful).

Chapter Four: 2012
It's Love/Lust/Infatuation, Hoorah! Andrew & Grace 'The Early Days' begins. 
Conveniently Andrew displays exceptional skills for filming, and Grace's editing translates into some seriously good storytelling. At some stage the below conversation takes place:
Andrew: "Hey check it out I filmed my mate's wedding on the weekend."
Grace: (looks at footage) "Cool, I guess I'll edit it together".
The conversation was seriously that short, and the wedding video was seriously that unplanned - just a bit of fun.
That film turned out rather nicely....

Chapters Five through to Infinity: Current Date
....and a boutique business was born! Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life, so we officially haven't been working since 2013