We are Andrew & Grace // Lovers, filmmakers and travellers
Melbourne based // Internationally inclined

Europe based from June 2017 - August 2017

What's our style you ask?
We're all about the non-traditional - if you've got a crazy vision for your wedding then we want to create an equally crazy film to match it.
If you're a bit rock n' roll we won't be giving you a slow and 'lovey-dovey' film - but if you're a hopeless romantic then you better believe we'll be embracing that too.
In a nutshell we create films that truly reflect the kind of love you've got going on - and you won't receive anything less.

We pride ourselves on creating a completely unique film each and every time.
We believe just as no two couples are the same, so too should none of our films be the same. 
We love all of our films babies equally so check out some of our latest work below and enjoy!